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  • Veterinary Partner - A wide range of articles written by veterinary professionals on topics such as animal care and husbandry, animal behavior, and medical conditions and treatments.
  • House Rabbit Society - A guide to proper nutrition, grooming, housing, and medical care for rabbits.
  • Indoor Pet Initiative - A guide to providing indoor environmental enrichment for cats and dogs.
  • Veterinary Oral Health Council ( - Information about dental care and disease in pets, including lists of recommended oral care products.
  • Microchip Lookup - Use this lookup tool to find the registry that your pet’s microchip is enrolled in and see when the information was last updated. 
  • ASPCA Poison Control - A guide to toxic plants, foods, and household products. In the event of an animal poison-related emergency, the ASPCA Poison Control Center can be contacted 24/7 at (888)426-4435.
  • USDA APHIS - Information and resources for traveling with your pet internationally or within the U.S.
  • Trusted Journey (Sleepy Hollow) - Cremation services and memorial products for pets. 
  • Heartworm Society - Information about heartworm disease, prevention, and treatment in pets. 
  • CareCredit - CareCredit can be used for veterinary or human healthcare services and allows you to pay for treatment costs over time.